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    description:100% new high quality
    It is a simple tool that clamps on to any standard and secures a razor to the end hook.
    With it you no longer need to use bulky t-squares or messy chalk lines.You get square cuts and straight rips every time.
    Simply hold the tape, at the required measurement against the drywall board.
    While gripping it with the other hand just slide down the board for straight rips or square cuts each and every time.
    It also holds a pencil securely so you can mark electric boxes and outlets for fast and easy cutouts.
    Color as shown
    Material: ABS
    Size: (Approx) 43x47x34mm
    Uses: Comfortably Holds a Pencil for Quick Marking and Scribing.
    Comtortably Holds a Razor tool for Straight ard Accurate Cuts.
    Packing:1x Cut Drywall Tool